Color Me Run 2019 sẽ là Siêu Lễ Hội Sắc Màu của năm diễn ra duy nhất vào ngày 8 tháng 6 tại Phú Mỹ Hưng, Quận 7!

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Methods of payment for Color Me Run?

  1. VISA/Master Card.
  2. ATM Card that has registered for Internet Banking.
  3. Register online and pay with cash via Payoo at any convenient store in Vietnam within 24 hours since registration.

What are sizes for Color Me Run T-Shirts?

What are the prizes for Color Me Run?

Color Me Run is not a speed contest but a colorful festival for people to experience the moments of comfort, to share their joys with friends and family. Therefore, there will be no win or lose, you can experience the color trail by jogging or walking.

What are the reasons of failed online registration?

Your bank account is not yet registered Internet Banking. Your ATM card must be registered with Internet Banking to process your online payment. You can contact your bank for further instructions. Or else, you can register online and pay with cash via Payoo at any convenient store in Vietnam within 24 hours since registration.

How can I confirm my successful online registration?

After completing the registration on the website, you will receive a confirmation email through your registered email address. If you have not received a confirmation email from us within 24 hours after completing your registration, please contact the Organizer via Email: or HOTLINE 0919 327 323 in order for us to check the status of your registration and offer support.

If I have registered but cannot make it to the event day in case of some unexpected circumstances, will I get a refund?

The fee will not be refunded. So please make sure that you can join the event before signing up.

Can I walk during the run?

Of course you can walk and enjoy the colorful path that Color Me Run will bring to you. However, please keep in mind that if you want to walk, get close to the right side of the path so that other runners can safely and easily cross over.

Can I push the baby stroller on the run of Color Me Run?

Of course! You can even create your own beautiful and colorful baby stroller to match the wonderful atmosphere of Color Me Run!

Who can participate in Color Me Run?

Participants can either be adults – students, employees of all fields, friends or family of all ages who love music, sports and enjoy new fun and cool experiences.

Where can I put my personal stuff at the event?

There will be no closets for you to keep your belongings so we recommend that you should not bring valuable stuff with you to the run.

Bột màu dùng trong chương trình có nguy hiểm không?

Powder used at Color Me Run are food color powders that are certified for food safety, not harmful. However, if you have symptoms of allergy, inflammation of powder, dust, etc. Please consider before joning or taking any special medication in any case that may occur. The powder can be easily washed away. However, if you are still not comfortable, we advise you to wear your old pants, shoes.

Can the color powder on my clothes and accessories be easily washed away?

You can easily wash your clothes and accessories after joining the program using normal washing steps.

Can children attend the event?

Children under 6 are free to join. However, all children under 13 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


At the event, the First Aid team will be available to help whenever you need.


In the Start/Finish area, we will arrange toilets for you. However, there are no toilets along the path.

If I have other questions other than FAQ?

You can send your inquiries to Email:

Can I get someone to pick up my kit for me?

Completely possible. You will need to ask the person who picks up the kit for you to submit your registration confirmation email and your ID to us to get the kit.