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When words fail, let the music speak. Join us for one of the most amazing concerts in Vietnam and conclude the night with endless rhythm for your soul! Keep an eye out for more updates!




The five boys from Chillies band are on their way to conquer any music lover’s heart! They play all kinds of music, from Pop, to Rock, Alternative Rock and even R&B. With super popular songs like “Who?”, “Neu ngay mai khong den” (If there were no tomorrow), “Va the la het” (And so it ends), Chillies are waiting for CMRers to come and rock the night with them!


HOAPROX – The DJ who put Vietnam EDM on the map!

Hoaprox received an invitation to perform in Amsterdam – the holy land of EDM – when he was only 21. Because of this, he has established himself as one of the most talented and unique DJ’s of the Vietnam EDM scene. With his own compositions such as “I can’t find you” or remixes like “Bua yeu” (Love Spell), and “Nguoi la oi” (Hey stranger), he will definitely make CMR an event to remember!


MASEW – The WIZARD of the Vietnamese music underground

MASEW has the ability to turn any combination of singles to a masterfully blended mix. He already has super viral works like “Tuy Am” or “Dieu khac la” (The difference). His musical talent flows through his mixes, and his natural gift is put on display every time he gets on stage. Come along and see him for plenty more surprises this June 22nd!


MIN – No more waiting, MIN is here!

MIN is a household name because of her HITS that anyone can sing along to, like “Y.E.U” (L.O.V.E), “Co em cho” (I’ll be here waiting), and “Dung yeu nua, em met roi” (No more love, I’m over it). You have a date with MIN on June 22 at CMR; come vibe to her powerful voice!


Justatee – The “LadyKillah” takes the CMR stage

Justatee, a homegrown Vietnamese star, is ready to kill it at our night concert. With a blend of R&B, Hip Hop, and Electronica, he has been a mainstay in the Vietnamese music scene for over 10 years. With hits ranging from “đã lỡ yêu em nhiều” (I missed you so much), to “Forever Alone”, Justatee brings the soul to his songs and will bring the emotion at CMR’s concert!


Maggie Lindemann – The international sensation!

Maggie Lindemann isn’t just a “Pretty Girl”; she is an ‘anti-pop’ star who is ready to rock your world! The next stop on her international tour is right here in Vietnam at the CMR night concert. With chart-toppers like the aforementioned “Pretty Girl”, as well as other hits like “Things”, “Knocking on Your Heart”, and “Couple of Kids”, Maggie is poised to light it up on the main stage!